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Payroll is one of the first headaches a small business owner has to deal with during the early stages of business growth. It is a vital function because it is a core need that has to be met well in order to keep your employees happy. It is also a pain because of all the tax compliance issues it requires: Properly calculating and delivering each payroll, payroll tax deposits, quarterly payroll reports, and year-end reports that include employee W-2s.

No headache payroll service So, how best to meet this need? Wouldn't it be great to have someone you trust who is local manage your payroll in such a way that it is convenient and reasonably priced? My payroll service offers these benefits. Furthermore, it is perfectly customized to meet your needs. You can be as much or as little involved with each part of the process. I offer a great alternative that falls between the do it yourself option and outsourcing it out to one of the big multi-billion dollar payroll services.

Periodic Payroll Processing
Period Frequency Monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly or weekly.
Number of Employees Most of my clients are small businesses with only a handful of employees. While there isn't an absolute limit on the number of employees, more than 25 will require careful planning to ensure the payroll is processed efficiently.
Employee Hours Submitted via a secure online webpage.
Delivery Either by emailed check paystubs, and/or by direct deposit into the employee's bank accounts.
Tax Deposits All federal and state deposits are made electronically for you with each processed payroll. Some state payroll taxes are paid quarterly, depending upon the agency.
Payroll Forms 940s, 941s, 943s, 944s, all state forms, and any annual reports, including W-2s, are included, and are filed electronically on your behalf.
Reports Payroll reports are provided with each payroll, tax deposits are notified via email, payroll forms are emailed to you after they are filed electronically with the governmental agency.
Fees Debited from your checking account with each processed payroll. The amount of the fee is determined by the payroll frequency, number of employees and how the payroll is delivered. It is inclusive of all of the above services. Please call for a quote.

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