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My small business QuickBooks accounting service is extremely customized to meet your needs, and this is reflected in the very flexible support option I offer:

Customized onsite, offsite and remote support options Remote support is a newer, more technologically advanced option that is my signature service. In a nutshell, I would periodically access your computer remotely from my office and perform the agreed upon accounting tasks. It is a lower cost and more efficient version of onsite support, and uses some very exciting collaborative networking tools that are now available. Furthermore, you can use these very same tools yourself, if you'd like to periodically access your computer at work from, say, home, or from another location. Most of my clients prefer this option, and I almost always recommend it over a variation of onsite support, because it is more timely and much less expensive. The only prerequisite you will need is a broadband Internet connection, which many businesses have these days.


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